Regent’s Park, London. Photo by Meral Aydos

Feeling victimized by the thoughts of society, where even your mere existence is subject to opinions of others — including your own, you decide it’s time for a getaway from London. A Spanish sea-town, Begur, where nobody knows you, should work for the best. While their official language is Spanish…

Photo by Meral Aydos

The ‘appointed’ rector shut down the student club of LGBTQ+ in the Bogazici University. He opened two new faculties on Friday night without prior discussion. Rumours are going around how he will take further steps to transform the university into a pro-government entity challenging its 158-year tradition.

My second home…

Faro, Portugal. Photo by Meral Aydos

Eight years ago these days, in my late teenage years, I was in New York. My eyes were hypnotized by the flashing billboards; I was utterly mesmerized by the gravity of the non-sleeping city and its world-famous motto of liberty. …

Serpentine, Hyde Park. Photo by Meral Aydos

A Date in Hyde Park: Implication and Reality

Visiting her friend in Germany was going to be a great escape from the dullness Maya was enduring in London. What was stopping her to jump on a plane was waiting for her PCR test result. Her friend was living alone in…

Tower Bridge, London. Photo by Meral Aydos

London: Leaving or Living It

Maya always loved her long walks by herself on Sunday afternoons. When she was alone, she had the chance to observe other people around her. When she looked at a smoker; she could try to guess why they started smoking. Or when she saw a…

Meral Aydos

Londoner and Writer. Short Stories for Sundays.

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